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Craftworkz, based in Sydney Australia, provides different kinds of craft supplies and craft ideas for kids including Paper Mache, Paper Crafts, Polystyrene Balls, Acrylic Felt, Styrene Balls, Felt, Air Drying Clay, Wooden Beads, Chenille Stems, Pony Beads, Bakers Twine, Metallic Cord, Craft Glitter, Pottery Plaster, Jute Twine, Clock Movements, Jewellery Components etc.

We provide art and craft materials at wholesale prices to retail shops, manufacturers, schools, childcare facilities, event management etc . For your wholesale craft supplies, kids craft interests or next art project, we have Scrapbook Supplies, Air Drying Clay, Joggle Eyes, Chenille Stems, Pom Poms, Felt, Polystyrene Balls. We hope every client will enjoy the shopping experience. Choose the item you want from the following link.

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Craftworkz is Australia's preimier online craft store provides different kinds of craft supplies material in Sydney Australia. wooden craft products, Brass Hardware, Metallic Cord, paper craft sydney, craft Magnets, Metal / Wire Rings,foam, copper, art ideas for kids. We provide the art craft at discounted prices to schools and retail shops for bulk buying. For your crafts for kids interest : scrapbook, jewellery, Air Drying Clay For kids craft next art project: Clock Movements, Joggle Eyes, craft foam,woodcraft supply, Chenille Stems, Polystyrene balls Or simply for wedding needs or ideas: Christmas party, felt, Christmas fabric, scrapbooking supplies australia
We provide fast delivery craft supplies to cities in Australia. weather you have a craft stores in adelaide, melbourne, perth, sydney or brisbane; we will cover you
Paper Mache  Polystyrene Balls      Acrylic Felt   Styrene Balls      Felt
Air Drying Clay  Wooden Beads      Pom Poms     Chenille Stems     Pony Beads
Bakers Twine   Metallic Cord      Bulk glitter australia       Pottery Plaster     Jute Twine
Magnets   Foam Sheets       Glue Sticks   Glue Guns      Feathers
Clock Movements     Joggle Eyes        wooden craft supplies     Cardboard Rolls       Decoration  
Clear Boxes    Chenille Stems        Plastic Mesh Sheets     ​​scrapbooking supplies       craft supplies Sydney